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A denture is a custom removable appliance that replaces lost or missing natural teeth.  Dentures can be Full, Partial, immediate or implant-supported denture.  It restores chewing function, speech and aesthetics and supports cheeks and lips.  Wearing dentures enables patients to enjoy a healthy diet and smile with confidence.

Dentures are made of acrylic base or metal base, which support the acrylic teeth. Modern dentures mimic the gums, soft tissues and natural teeth and are difficult to distinguish inside the mouth.  A good, retentive, stable and supportive denture is constructed with a precise impression of the teeth, jaw relation and good lab communication.

Full denture:

A full denture replaces all the teeth and this can be upper or lower, or can be fabricated together. The base of the full denture is acrylic or metal mesh reinforcing the acrylic. The artificial teeth are wear-resistant acrylic. A conventional full denture is constructed after the healing phase to replace all the teeth. The retention and stability of the denture is provided by negative suction and close adaptation of the denture base to the jaw.

Partial denture:

A partial denture replaces some lost or missing teeth. It can be fabricated with acrylic base or metal base. The clasps and rests of the partial denture embrace the remaining natural teeth, which aid in retention and stability of the denture.

Immediate denture:

An immediate partial or full denture is constructed well before the extraction of remaining loose teeth and inserted straight after the extraction. The advantage of immediate denture is the wearer does not have to be without teeth during the healing phase. However, the immediate denture needs relining and adjustment procedures after full healing.

Implant supported denture

A dental implant can drastically improve the support of the denture and is connected to the denture with attachments. Conventional dentures tend to be less stable, especially in the lower jaw due to resorption of jaw and active tongue and cheek movements. An implant-supported denture is more resistant to displacement and helps in effective chewing and smiling. At Harrison Dental Care we also service your old denture whether it needs polishing, replacement of teeth, relining or rebasing etc.