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Looking for an effective alternative to dentures and bridges in Canberra?

Dental implants are the first choice for many people wanting to replace lost or damaged teeth.

Made of lightweight titanium, dental implants involve inserting metal rods into the jawbone to replace lost or missing teeth. They look and function just like regular teeth, restoring your mouth to a healthier, more natural shape, as well as helping to boost confidence.

A dental implant will not disrupt surrounding teeth, nor will it cut them down in order to construct support. The facial structure will also be preserved, helping to prevent bone resorption. They are also incredibly easy to care for with regular brushing and flossing.

Before undergoing the procedure, the patient attends a consultation a dentist, who will assess whether you’re a suitable candidate and to prepare a treatment plan. A patient will ideally have a high amount of bone density in order to receive an implant. If not, a bone grafting procedure will be performed either before or during implant placement.

To help ease your nerves, your dental implant treatment is performed under local anaesthetic. Some patients may require total sedation. You won’t feel any pain during the procedure – but might experience some slight discomfort after surgery.

It takes about 8 to12 weeks to recover, sometimes longer, in order to give the implant enough time to integrate with the bone. The dentist will then administer a quick test to determine bone strength, and will later on construct a crown, bridge, or partial or full denture to help maintain the implant and keep it in place.


Teeth Extractions

Discomfort and painful emergencies that require tooth extraction and surgical procedures

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Complications and dental problems caused by wisdom teeth or third morals that require emergency extraction.

Same-day Crowns

We provide same-day crowning services for emergency dental needs to avoid long-awaited periodic sessions.

Trauma Dental Treatment

Covering a variety of different types of dental trauma caused by sports injuries, accidents, recreational mishaps, or sudden unexpected downfalls

Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatments make it possible to save a tooth and avoid having the tooth extracted

Dental Fillings

A direct filling is done to restore a tooth that is affected by caries or decay, or a tooth that is chipped or fractured.