Emergency Dental

Harrison Dental Care

Emergency Dental Canberra

At Harrison Dental Care we specialize in the provision of all types of emergency dental services. Our expert doctors and dental care providers are available to deal with a wide variety of emergency issues that need immediate attention.

We strive to help you in saving your teeth, prevention of long-term dental damages and problems, and ensuring optimum oral health.

No matter what the cause of the emergency is, we are ready to take care of it. From infections to cracking teeth to sudden pain and injuries, let us handle it all.

If you are suffering from a dental emergency and need urgent care, please call (02)6162 0067. We always make a slot available for an emergency dental appointment.

Teeth Extractions

Discomfort and painful emergencies that require tooth extraction and surgical procedures

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Complications and dental problems caused by wisdom teeth or third morals that require emergency extraction.

Same-day Crowns

We provide same-day crowning services for emergency dental needs to avoid long-awaited periodic sessions.

Trauma Dental Treatment

Covering a variety of different types of dental trauma caused by sports injuries, accidents, recreational mishaps, or sudden unexpected downfalls

Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatments make it possible to save a tooth and avoid having the tooth extracted

Dental Fillings

A direct filling is done to restore a tooth that is affected by caries or decay, or a tooth that is chipped or fractured.