Gum and periodontal treatment

A healthy tooth is supported by healthy gingiva (gums), bone and tooth ligament. Harmful bacteria in the plaque can cause a gum disease known as Gingivitis that leads to soreness, swelling and infection of the gums.

Plaque is a thin layer of bacteria that forms over the surface of the tooth every day. It can be removed easily by regular tooth brushing and flossing. However, longstanding plaque that hardens over time is called tartar and this is difficult to remove with tooth brushing.

Routine scale and clean by the dentist and practicing good oral hygiene at home should resolve minor gum problems. However, advanced problems like periodontitis may need deep scaling with local anaesthetic and sometimes minor surgery is required to treat periodontitis. Following oral hygiene instructions is very important in the treatment of gingivitis or periodontitis. Equally important is active maintenance visits to the dentist