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Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Kids’ teeth are important – every bit as important as for adults. In that first year, when a kid’s first tooth erupts, is the time to start the healthy habit of regular dental check-ups while you take them for their oral hygiene motivation appointment.

Deciduous or milk teeth eventually fall out to pave way for the adult teeth, but it is very important to keep milk teeth healthy until they are naturally exfoliated. By doing that you will help your child’s adult teeth to grow normally. Sadly, too many kids lose their teeth prematurely due to dental decay, trauma etc.

Children should be encouraged to brush their teeth twice a day and often need assistance from parents until they are 7 years old.

When having dental treatment, kids often need distraction techniques like audio-visual, toys, or soft bribes like a toothbrush or stickers. At Harrison dental care we’re kid friendly and enjoy the way that kids like coming back to visit us.

Under the Medicare-funded Child Dental Benefits Schedule your child may be eligible for $1000 worth of dental treatment over two years. Most dental services, such as Examinations, Clean, Fluoride, Fissure sealants, Fillings and Root treatment are included in this scheme, but Orthodontic and Cosmetic services are not included. Under the scheme, Harrison Dental Care ensures you have access to bulk billing. To know your kid’s eligibility, enquire with Medicare on 13-2001, or call our office and we will check for you.

Like so many other Aussies, your kids should wear a custom mouthguard while playing contact sports. Without a mouthguard, your child risks injury to milk and adult teeth, adjacent soft tissue and their jaw. Custom-made mouthguards are far superior to the over-the-counter boil-and-bite or other such mouthguards.

Professional custom mouthguards are designed after dentists make an impression of teeth and jaws. They are more stable in the mouth and work by absorbing and spreading the impact of trauma during the sport. Children have mixed dentition and their jaws are growing, so you need to make sure that old mouthguards are replaced with new ones. Ill-fitting mouthguards can cause more harm than good. At Harrison Dental Care we fabricate a custom-made mouthguard and add a touch of fun with choice of colour, team logo, your name, etc.