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Child Dental Benefits Schedule - Dental Care for Kids in Gungahlin

Expert Children’s Dentist in Gungahlin

  • Start healthy dental habits with regular check-ups from the first tooth eruption.
  • Preserve milk teeth for proper adult tooth development with proactive oral care.
  • Encourage children to brush twice daily, with parental assistance up to age 7.
  • Kid-friendly distraction techniques for stress-free dental treatments
  • Protect your child’s smile with custom mouthguards for contact sports.


Kids’ teeth are just as important as adults, and at Harrison Dental Care, we prioritize children’s dental health with specialized care. From the first tooth eruption, it’s crucial to begin regular dental check-ups and establish healthy habits for a lifetime of smiles. Milk teeth play a vital role in guiding the growth of adult teeth, making their maintenance essential.

Our kid-friendly approach ensures that children feel comfortable during dental treatments, with distraction techniques like audio-visuals, toys, and soft bribes, like toothbrushes or stickers. We understand that dental visits can be intimidating for kids, and we strive to create a welcoming environment that makes them look forward to visiting us.

Under the Medicare-funded Child Dental Benefits Schedule your child may be eligible for $1000 worth of dental treatment over two years. Most dental services, such as Examinations, Clean, Fluoride, Fissure sealants, Fillings and Root treatment are included in this scheme, but Orthodontic and Cosmetic services are not included.

Under the scheme, Harrison Dental Care ensures you have access to bulk billing. To know your kid’s eligibility, enquire with Medicare on 13-2001, or call our office and we will check for you.

For active kids engaging in contact sports, we offer professional custom mouthguards. These mouthguards are far superior to over-the-counter alternatives as they are specifically designed for your child’s unique mouth and jaw structure. Custom-made mouthguards offer better stability, absorbing and spreading the impact of trauma during sports.

As experienced children’s dentists in Gungahlin, we know that kids’ dental needs change as they grow. That’s why we provide custom mouthguards that are periodically replaced to accommodate their evolving dental development.

Ensure your child’s dental health with Dental Care for Kids Gungahlin.

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